Dr. Noori


  1. Top rate dental care starts in the home. As any dentist will tell you, there is no substitute for sound dental care practices in day to day life. First off, taking care of teeth means watching what we eat. Soda is perhaps the worst thing for a person’s teeth. Dental studies have shown that people who regularly drink soda have more oral health issues than their non-soda drinking counterparts by about seventy percent. Soda is so corrosive to the enamel of teeth that there are videos which demonstrate what happens when a human tooth is placed in a glass of soda for a week, and it isn’t pretty. If you are a frequent soda drinker than cutting back on your soda intake could save you from serious dental issues later in life. Next up is brushing and flossing. People that think they may not be brushing and flossing properly are strongly urged to go online and check out instructional videos which demonstrate proper brushing and flossing methods. Sites such as, peakoms.com, have links to videos and readings which explain exactly how proper teeth cleaning should be performed. Many folks make the grave mistake of assuming that as long as they are brushing regularly, that it really isn’t important how they brush, when in reality proper techniques are as, if not more important than the frequency with which people brush and floss. People that chew ice need to know that they are doing their teeth serious harm. Chewing ice is a very common habit, but one which is going to cost your teeth in the long run. Dentists always warn their patients against chewing ice, as it can cause chips in the teeth that may lead to cavities. If you are chewing ice, your dentists will know about it the next time you go in for a checkup.
  2. Don’t put off getting oral surgery if it is needed. Many people possess an irrational fear of dental surgery which may cause them to avoid simple operations such as wisdom teeth removal, or simple fillings. When the dentists say it’s time for an oral operation, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Putting off a trip to the oral surgeon could cause you to need more work down the line. Oral surgery today is much more comfortable that it was in the past, and if a patient has a serious fear of an oral procedure they can always opt to go under for the operation.
  3. Make regular trips to the family dentist. Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, the family dentist is essential to keeping your mouth healthy throughout life. If an individual has a simple cavity which goes unchecked, that could result in the loss of a tooth. Getting checkups helps assure that small problems don’t turn into serious ones over time. Frequent cleanings are also a great tool in maintaining a healthy mouth, so get those teeth cleaned at least every six months, if not more frequently.